Ficus 'Audrey'



Ficus benghalensis 'Audrey' - 4" pot

Common names: Banyan Tree, Banyan Fig

The national tree of India, Ficus benghalensis 'Audrey' is also known for being a more manageable houseplant than it's look-alike, the Fiddle leaf fig. With a similar shape and equally stunning large, green leaves, the 'Audrey' is more tolerant of inconsistent care and would be a good choice for a newer plant caretaker. It's large, oval deep green leaves reach tall from a slender wooden trunk, and this tree makes a simple and stunning houseplant.


Light: Bright Filtered

Water: Frequent

Ease: Knowledgeable

Pet Friendly: No

Care: 'Audrey' loves humidity! Mist this plant often to remind it of its subtropical roots.


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