Connecting People to Nature

Terracotta is a lifestyle plant shop located in Boulder, Colorado. We believe that caring for plants is therapeutic and connects us with the natural world, and what the world needs is more connected people. We are not just a full-service indoor plant boutique, but the sanctuary you need to connect to your greater health. At Terracotta, you can buy ready-to-nurture plants, organic plant food and soil, handmade pottery, crystals, and home accessories. We believe in incorporating earth's natural beauty into your daily life, effectively enhancing your well-being. Terracotta is here to bring nature into your homes.


How We Started

Eben Forrest founded Terracotta in 2020. He grew up in rural Maine where having his hands in the dirt was a way of life. His mother shared her passion for gardening with Eben and he could be found tagging along behind her as she worked in her gardens. Eben had his hands in the dirt from the very beginning and experienced the positive impacts and benefits of connecting with plants on a personal level.

With a background as a wellness practitioner, he began selling plants outside his home in the summer of 2020, with an idea to bring a little bit of positivity and hope to the stressed-out members of his community during the pandemic. This passion project quickly grew into a business, leading him to open our flagship store in Pearl St.

Our Commitment

Provide you Quality & Support

When you buy a houseplant from us, you are adopting something that has been carefully nurtured by our team of Plant Experts. Our small team of buyers hand-selects each specimen, looking for both beauty and health. Each plant then goes through our integrated pest management protocol, ensuring it gets to you in the best possible condition.

We are committed to providing you with everything you need to know to help your plants flourish. Connect with our online learning center, our educational events, or message us directly with your plant care questions.