Are you looking for a statement piece in your home or business? Perhaps, are you wanting to add a lot of natural green without taking up too much floor space?

Our Live Wall is a great option. We use the Carbonized Cork Panel system, designed for the best quality and eco-friendly living wall installations. Utilized by visionary architects, designers and builders, our distributor and partner, Cortiça Garden, has designed the world’s one and only All-Natural Living Wall system made of Cork. This material is for building a more sustainable future.

Live walls are 100% customizable! It can be any size, shape or design. Prices may vary since this will be customized and unique for you.

Allow us to make your visions come to life by helping you guide through your plant wall installation requirements.

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Is your space needing a touch of nature and aesthetics? Whether it's for your home, office, café, and other businesses—plants can definitely bring life to your place! If you want fast results with low startup costs, our Purchase and Maintain program is for you!

This is how the program will go: we invite you to purchase plants, pots, and accessories from our shop in bulk. Upon installment, we will guarantee the best plant service and maintenance. We also offer free replacement of any plant from our shop which will exhibit a decline in health or appearance.

For each project, we will charge a one-time $65hour installation charge and a succeeding $65/hour plant care service, which can be billed monthly.

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Do you need help determining what plants would work best in your space while optimizing both style and plant health? We're here to help! Schedule an Indoor Plant Design consult with us, and we'll take everything into consideration and come up with the perfect plan to set you up for success.

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In-Store Consultation - Free with Purchase

Bring photos of your space into our shop, and we guide you through the best care and styling options for your new plants from our shop.

At Location Consultation - One-Time Fee of $150

Our team will come to your space and discuss factors (lifestyle, budget, and desired aesthetics) in order to determine which plants from our store would be perfect for you. We'll also advise you on where to keep them and how to care for them based on you and your  specifications.

Please know that plants are sold from our consultation. However, if you spend $500 or more on plants, we're giving the consultation for free!

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