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This is an adorable hometown feeling shop! Adrianna and Krista were super friendly and helpful. Adrianna took the time to explain some products I hadn't heard of before and the benefits of each for my plants. I didnt get pictures of it, but they have a cute little coffee station and a couple tables set up. Definitely somewhere I will revisit. They have a decent variety of house plants, I absolutely love the living wall, which is available for sale if that's your thing I definitely suggest checking it out.

Kristina Compston

Cutest place in Boulder. Really nice selection with reasonable prices. Love that they have a cute little coffee area and that the workers had their dogs there. The staff was super friendly. I LOVE this place

Macy Gruber

I popped into Terracotta in an effort to adorn my sterile WFH "office" with some new plant babies. I'm usually not one to engage salespeople but MAN am I glad I did today. Mrs. Moss (I don't think I got her first name but I sure do remember her well-suited surname) was a delight and helped me to stage different plant, planter, and stand combinations until I had found the perfect trio.

Lilo Crittenden

I think I have just stumbled upon my new favorite plant store! This store has a great variety of plants and the employees (especially Adrianna) have been SO helpful with giving me guidance, making recommendations, and answering my questions before making my purchases. It doubles as not only a plant store, but also a coffee shop that offers regular yoga sessions! Great place to hang out and work, meet up with friends, or buy a plant!

Emily Kubovic

Had to walk around 2 or 3 times to be able to look at all the awesomeness! Definitely a great space to shop and even work at the small nook with tables, coffee, and fountain! A must stop for any plant lover/enthusiasts.

Ryan Triphahn

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