Elevate Your Space with Captivating Plant Walls

Terracotta specializes in creating captivating plant walls that can enhance any environment. We offer budget-friendly indoor green wall solutions that range from preserved moss walls to lush vertical gardens. Our designs are visually appealing and environmentally conscious, promoting cleaner indoor air and an elevated sense of well-being. We believe that our plant walls contribute to a more vibrant and attractive living experience that's beneficial for everyone.


How It Works

  • 1) Discovery Call

    Your journey to a greener space starts with our discovery call. This initial step allows us to understand your vision and the unique characteristics of your space, laying the foundation for a tailor-made plant design that seamlessly integrates with your surroundings and lifestyle.

  • 2) Site Survey

    In our site survey, we'll thoroughly assess your space, taking precise measurements, evaluating the natural light in each area, understanding the flow of movement, identifying key points of interest, and strategizing to maximize the impact of your tailored installation.

  • 3) Design

    We create custom plant styling solutions after completing the discovery call and site survey. We carefully choose each plant and design feature to ensure they flourish in their designated areas and complement your office's aesthetic and functional requirements. During this crucial stage, your vision transforms into a cohesive design plan that enhances your workspace.

  • 4) Presentation of Design

    We'll showcase the tailored design plan we've developed for your office, highlighting the harmonious integration of each plant and design element with your space's specific needs and aesthetic preferences. This is where you'll see your envisioned green workspace start to take shape, promising a transformed and rejuvenated office environment.

  • 5) Approval of Design

    Following the presentation, we'll seek your approval of the design. This step ensures that every aspect of the plan aligns with your expectations and vision for the space, allowing for any adjustments or confirmations before we proceed to installation. This collaborative approach guarantees that the outcome will suit your office environment perfectly.

  • 6) Delivery and Installation

    Leave the logistics to us. Our team specializes in carefully delivering and professionally installing your chosen plants and design elements. We handle all aspects of the setup process, ensuring that your space is transformed efficiently and beautifully without any hassle on your part. You're left to enjoy the rejuvenating effects of your newly enhanced space.

  • 7) Maintenance & Guarantee

    We offer comprehensive ongoing maintenance services to ensure your greenery continues to thrive. Our dedicated team provides regular care, addressing the unique needs of each plant in your collection. Should any plant under our care show signs of health decline, we offer free replacements as part of our commitment to maintaining your space's vitality and aesthetic appeal.


What types of spaces are suitable for plant walls?

Plant walls can enhance a variety of spaces, including offices, homes, hotels, restaurants, and more. We customize designs to suit your specific needs.

How do you choose the right green wall system for my space?

We assess your space's conditions and your design preferences to select the ideal green wall system and plant species.

Do plant walls require a lot of maintenance?

We provide regular maintenance and offer plant wall insurance to ensure your green wall remains vibrant and healthy with minimal effort on your part.

Can you work within my budget for a plant wall installation?

Absolutely. We offer budget-friendly options and provide a variety of green wall systems to fit your financial considerations.

How can I get started with your plant wall services?

Begin by scheduling a consultation with us. We'll discuss your space, design preferences, and budget to create a customized plan for your plant wall project.