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Plant Swap Social!


Join us the last Saturday of every month for Terracotta's Plant Swap Social! Come network with other plant parents, trade your favorite cuttings from plants at home for new plants you want to add to your collection. Please make sure the plants you are bringing into the space are healthy: fungus and pest free. Learn how to check your plants for pests HERE. 🎟️ $20 per person which includes: Charcuterie Snacks, Wine (21+) and nonalcoholic beverages.

Self Care + Plant Care Workshop


Join us in 2022 for a workshop that will allow you to build on your self-care skills, and plant knowledge lead by Rebekah Drum. Dr. Rebekah graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina in September 2020. There she found her passion in Network Spinal – a technique that focuses on the coordination of the spine and nervous system in creating overall better health and wellness. It has life-changing effects for patients of all ages. Dr. Rebekah has a true passion for helping those in her community become healthier. Outside of the practice, she loves to be outdoors hiking...

Smell the Soil with Lori Flower


Lori Flower is an inspiring teacher and Intuitive Healer and Bodyworker. She offers unique flows in her Yoga sequencing. Lori Flower been teaching yoga full time since 2000, having certified in Interdisciplinary yoga with Don and Amba Stapleton. Initiated in Reiki I & II in 1996 and in 1997. She studied permaculture in Europe and the USA and with her wide range of knowledge she is able to offer a unique and immersive yoga class at Terracotta, take time to Smell the Soil! Come to this class to fine-tune your senses and gain the awareness needed to sense where things take root and grow...

Propagation 101 Workshop with Kilitta Small


Join us for a Propagation 101 workshop lead by Kilitta Small. In this workshop, you will be taught the benefits to propagation, and best practices for propagating a variety of plants. Learn step by step instructions on how to propagate the following: Philodendron Brazil, Sansevieria, Maranta in a variety of mediums. Kilitta has always had a love of plants from a very early age. From helping her mom in the garden to admiring the huge leaves of the tropical plants of her home country-Kilitta really dove into the world of plants when she moved to Colorado in July of 2020....



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