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Terracotta Plants

Haworthia 'Zebra'

Haworthia 'Zebra'

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Haworthiopsis Attenuata 'Zebra' Haworthia

Common names: Zebra Cactus, Pearl Plant, Star Window Plant, Cushion Aloe 

Succulents are a fascinating drought-resistant plant species that have adapted to survive in desolate and arid climates. They store water in their leaves, roots, and stem, which contributes to their fleshy and plump appearance. 

Haworthia are known for their distinct rosette shape, pointy leaves, and patterned leaf texture. These plants stay rather small at 3-5 inches in height, and are perfect for a desk or windowsill. The Zebra haworthia is plastic-like in texture and covered in white stripes that line the dark green leaves. 

Light: Bright Light

Water: 100% Dry

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet friendly: Yes

Special care note: White, red, or yellow leaves indicate that the plant is receiving too much light while faded leaves indicate the plant is not receiving enough light. These plants are succulents but often grow in shady areas. 

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