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Terracotta Plants

Monstera 'Thai Constellation'

Monstera 'Thai Constellation'

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Name: Monstera 'Thai Constellation'

Monstera make wonderful houseplants for beginner plant caretakers! They are easy going, resilient, and come in a variety of colors and shapes. Native to Central and South America and the Caribbean, this family ranges from plants with trailing leaves to those that grow in denser bushes of leaves.  

The Monstera 'Thai Constellation' is a stunning mutation of the Monstera Albo that was created by accident in a lab in Thailand. It sports wonderful golden, white, cream, and green variegation that resembles a night sky. It is a rare variety that requires very bright indirect light, to partial direct morning sun to thrive and continue putting out bright colors. Incredibly enough, the Thai Constellation has stable variegation, meaning it should not revert to solid green leaves during it's lifetime, unlike it's cousin the Monstera 'Albo'.

Light: Low light

Water: 85% dry

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: No

Learn more about Monstera Here.


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