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Terracotta Plants

Epiphyllum 'Orchid' Cactus

Epiphyllum 'Orchid' Cactus

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Epiphyllum Guatemalense 'Orchid' Cactus

Common names: Orchid Cactus, Curly Sue, Curly Locks

Cactus are a varied grouping of plants that range from columnar to stout, spherical to twisted, and with plenty of variation in between. Native to arid regions, cacti have evolved to expect lots of light and very little water.

The Orchid cactus is a unique specimen that grows on rocks and in trees, similarly to air plants or orchids. It is distinct with its long trailing and twisting arms. Though the Orchid cactus looks like a desert cactus, they are actually naturally found in the jungle so during its growing season it may need more frequent watering. 

Light: Bright Light

Water: 85% Dry

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet friendly: Yes

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