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Moss Amigos

Opalite Moss Amigo

Opalite Moss Amigo

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The Moss Amigos Company sources Opalite that exhibits the luxurious Tyndall effect. This is the same optical phenomenon that gives the sky above us its familiar blue undertone. The Opalite Moss Amigo when placed against a dark background appears to have blue tones. However, placed against a light background, it is milky white with an orange or pink glow. Due to the duality of simultaneously exhibiting warm and cool colors it is highly valued.

All our Moss Amigos are hardy, easy to maintain, and perfect for your busy lifestyle. Each new Amigo comes with a durable 16 oz. glass container, a supple cork lid and stones of your choice. Amigo sized moss balls are approximately 1 inch in diameter or more. 

Height: 4 in.

Diameter: 4 in.

Base: 4 in.

Top: 3 in.

Weight: 1 lb.

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