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Moses in the Cradle 'Tradescantia spathacea'

Moses in the Cradle 'Tradescantia spathacea'

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Moses in the Cradle (Tradescantia Spathacea)

Common names: Moses-in-a-Boat, Boat Lily, Cradle Lily, Moses-in-the-Bullrushes, Oyster Plant, and Rhoeo discolor.

Originating from Mexico, the West Indies, and Central America, these houseplants are known for their low maintenance and attractive appearance. They feature rosettes of long, waxy, sword-shaped leaves that are glossy green on the top and rich purple underneath. Hidden in the leaf axils within purple, boat-shaped bracts are the tiny three-petaled white flowers, contributing to the plant's various common names. Caring for Moses in the Cradle plants is similar to caring for succulents, ensuring they thrive with minimal effort.

Light Requirements: Moses in the Cradle plants thrive in very bright light, needing around 6-8 hours of light daily to flourish.

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