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Terracotta Plants

Stapelia Huernia Zebrina 'Lifesaver Plant'

Stapelia Huernia Zebrina 'Lifesaver Plant'

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Huernia Zebrina Stapelia 'Lifesaver Plant'

Common names: Lifesaver Plant, Lifebuoy Plant

Succulents are a fascinating drought-resistant plant species that have adapted to survive in desolate and arid climates. They store water in their leaves, roots, and stem, which contributes to their fleshy and plump appearance. 

The Lifesaver plant gets its name from its fascinating blooms-star shaped red and yellow striped flowers with a deep red ring in the center resembling a buoy. Will add a lot of personality to your personal plant collection. 

Light: Bright Light

Water: 100% Dry

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet friendly: No

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