Hoya 'Krimson princess'



Hoya carnosa 'Krimson princess'

Common names: Wax Plant, Honey Plant, Porcelain Flower

Hoyas, known more commonly as 'wax Plants' are a relatively low-maintenance and gorgeous addition to your plant collection. They look beautiful draping down from a tall table, cascading from a hanging basket, or climbing up a trellis. Hoyas are loved for their honey scented blossoms that pop up in the spring and summer. 'Krimson princess' will brighten your space with a mix of deep green, light pink, and creamy white splashed across its leaves. This plant wants a bit more light than the other Hoyas, in order to keep its vibrant variegation.


Light: Bright Filtered

Water: Occasional

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: Yes

Care: Don't trim the long tendrils at the edges of your Hoya as this is where they will bloom!

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