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Terracotta Plants

Euphorbia Trigona Variegata 'African Milk Tree'

Euphorbia Trigona Variegata 'African Milk Tree'

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Euphorbia Trigona Variegata 'African Milk Tree'

Common names: Spurge, African Milk Tree, 

Cactus are a varied grouping of plants that range from columnar to stout, spherical to twisted, and with plenty of variation in between. Native to arid regions, cacti have evolved to expect lots of light and very little water.

More than 2000 varieties of plants fall under the umbrella term of Euphorbia, varying dramatically in shape, size, and coloration. In addition, it is important to note that Euphorbia's are all categorized by a toxic sap that causes irritation to both animals and people. 

The Trigona Variegata looks like a cactus, but is actually a succulent and is seriously dramatic with its variegated white streaks and adorable leaves. 

Light: Bright Light

Water: 100% Dry

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet friendly: No

Special care note: Euphorbia's need very little watering in the winter while dormant, but may require more frequent watering in the spring/summer periods. 

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