Bokashi+ Root-Zone Inoculant



BOKASHI+ from Elevation Organics is a premium root-zone inoculant for all stages of plant growth. Translating to “fermented organic matter” in Japanese, bokashi is composting method that involves using EM(effective microorganisms) and enzymes to break down organic material by way of anaerobic fermentation. Alfalfa meal and grain substrate are used to propogate these beneficial microbes. This mix is then dried, preserving all these species for up to two years in a dormant, stable form that can be applied when needed.

This BOKASHI is given a plus when a very unique biochar, inoculated with beneficial fungus, bacteria, and protozoa, is added to the mix. Use BOKASHIplus to improve the quality of the soil in your garden, bring bio-diversity to the root-zone, break down organic matter making nutrients more available, and increase yields!

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