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Sphelarite Tower

From $8.00

Sphelarite is a zinc blend that was originally mined in Kansas. Sphelarite can help one find the light within, just as there is shiny bits hidden in each piece. It also strengthens a person spiritually and is helpful to be used with meditation.

Moss Agate

From $18.00

These moss agate points were mined in Brazil. They range in color from primarily white in color to deeper emerald greens.  Often referred to as the gemstone of Mother Earth, everything about this crystal is meant to enhance your connection with nature. It is also rumored to be an immune system.

Hojari Superior Frankincense Resin


Agate Moon


These agate moons are all completely unique pieces with gorgeous crystalline holes.  Agate is supposed to help with mental clarity, concentration, and perception.

Crystal Bowls & Trays

From $35.00

These crystal bowls and trays from Tex Mex are all completely unique pieces made of jasper.

Crystal Mushroom

From $18.00

These crystal mushrooms come in three variations: Rose, Clear, and Smoky Quartz.  

Rose Quartz

From $15.00

Rose quartz is the stone of love, both for self and others.

Dragonblood Tower


These dragon blood towers are all similar in size.

Ivory Moon


Small ivory moons. It is a very strong material and it won't burn and isn't affected by submersion of water.

Merlinite Tower

From $40.00

Merlinite stone is actually opalized agate with inclusions which is why it is also called dendritic opal or dendritic agate as well.  It is known as a stone of intuition and spirituality, it is said merlinite can help conjure spiritual guides which is why it is named after the wizard Merlin.

Crystal Moon

From $28.00

These crystal moons come in three variations amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz.  Amethyst encourages connection and love for yourself and others. Clear quartz represents clarity and understanding.  Rose quartz represents love both for yourself and with others.

Amethyst Point

From $70.00

These large amethyst points come from a mine in Brazil. Brazilian amethyst is known for its deeper purple color, which typically makes the amethyst more valuable.  Amethysts supposedly symbolize the purity of spirit, enhancing serenity, trust, and grace.

Clear Quartz Cluster

From $40.00

This is a clear quartz cluster from Brazil. It takes years to form as magma cools, it is the crystalized form of silicon dioxide.  Clear quartz is meant to help enhance mental clarity and emotional stability.

Slab Crystals (Village Originals)

From $116.00

A - Quartz Agate B - Quartz C - Quartz D - Amethyst E - Quartz F - Agate Slab



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