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Maranta 'Prayer plant - Lemon lime'

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Maranta leuconeura 'Prayer plant - Lemon lime' Prayer plants, a low-growing plant native to Brazil, get their name from a curious behavior - during the day, the leaves lay flat and at night, they fold up like hands held in prayer. These low-maintenance plants bring character and intrigue into any space. The Lemon lime variety is characterized by bold lime green veins branching out from the center of a dark green and burgundy leaf.   Light: Shade Tolerant Water: Frequent Ease: Easy Breezy Pet friendly: Yes Care: Prayer plants love humidity, so give it some extra care by misting its...

Burro's tail

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Sedum morganianum 'Burro's tail' Common name: Stonecrop Flower Sedum is a family of resilient and vigorous plants - an excellent option for a beginner plant caretaker! They are also one of the families of succulent that is non-toxic and safe to have around nibbling pets and children. Make sure that you let the soil dry out completely and ensure that they get lots of light, and you'll have a really easy plant on your hands! Burro's tail or donkey tail is a cute variety known for it's tightly stacked succulent leaves and it's tendency to trail, making it a great hanging...

Juniperus 'Juniper' bonsai

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The Juniper Bonsai is a miniature version of the actual tree and it is not a houseplant so your bonsai must be kept in a cool or cold environment in the winter season. You have to grow your juniper bonsai tree where it will be receiving more than 4 hours of sunlight every day, and use a soil that tends to become dry. Name: Bonsai Water: Frequent Light: Bright Filtered Ease: Easy Breezy

Parlor palm

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Chamaedorea elegans 'Parlor palm' Common names: Parlor Palm, Neanthe Bella Palm Parlor palms make an excellent lush and low-maintenance plant for your space! While they appreciate bright, indirect light, they adjust well to lower light areas. Keep this non-toxic and easy plant in your home to bring a pop of vibrant green wherever you place it.   Light: Shade Tolerant Water: Frequent Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: Yes Care: Parlor palms love humidity! Feel free to mist the leaves regularly, use a humidifier, or keep them near a sink or shower. 

Golden pothos

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Epipremnum aureum 'Golden' pothos Common Names: Pothos, Devil's Ivy Pothos Plants are great for beginner plant caretakers, as they are very easy to care for and make a beautiful statement trailing down from a hanger, tabletop, or across a wall. They love humidity, so if their leaf tips start to brown, consider misting them or bringing them into a higher humidity spot like the kitchen or bathroom. This pothos brightens the space with vibrant green leaves speckled and streaked with gold.   Light: Shade Tolerant Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet friendly: No Care: Trim discolored or damaged leaves using sharp...

Peperomia obtusifolia 'Green'

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Peperomia obtusifolia 'Green' Common Names: Rubber plant, Radiator plant Peperomias are an all around excellent plant to take home - low maintenance (good for new plant caretakers), low-light tolerant as their natural habitat is the rainforest understory, and non-toxic to your animal friends! In addition to these stellar qualities, peperomia come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you'll likely find one that is especially interesting to you. The obtusifolia will enrich your space with its rubbery, grass green, circular leaves.   Light: Shade Tolerant Water: Occasional Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: Yes Care: Peperomias are slow-growing and like to...

Tradescantia 'Nanouk'


Tradescantia 'Nanouk' Common names: Wandering Dude, Spiderwort Tradescantia nanouk is a gorgeous houseplant, characterized by its lavender and earthy green leaves. This plant is happy cascading down from a hanging basket, or trailing across a surface in your home. It will appreciate humidity, so feel free to mist the leaves regularly, use a humidifier, or place your Nanouk somewhere near a sink or shower. This plant won't be happy in direct sun, but make sure it gets enough light or the vibrant leaf color will start to fade.   Light: Medium Water: Frequent Ease: Easy Breezy Pet Friendly: No Care:...



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