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Ficus 'Burgundy' Rubber Tree

Ficus 'Burgundy' Rubber Tree

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Ficus Elastica 'Burgundy' 

A tropical plant native to Southeast Asia, the Rubber tree is a vigorous grower that can reach heights of 100 feet in the wild! It is a member of the Moraceae family, and when damaged, produces a sap that was historically used to make latex, hence the name "Rubber Tree". This makes it a non-pet friendly option if you have pets that like to eat your houseplants.
The Ficus Burgundy is a classic choice to bring a bit of color into your home, with broad, fleshy leaves that emerge from central stalks, growing into a tree-like statement plant with regular pruning. 


 Light: Partial/Indirect

Water: 85% Dry

Ease: Intermediate

Pet Friendly: No

Learn more about Ficus Here.


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