Ficus 'Fiddle leaf fig'
Ficus 'Fiddle leaf fig'
Ficus 'Fiddle leaf fig'
Ficus 'Fiddle leaf fig'

Ficus 'Fiddle leaf fig'

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Ficus lyrata 'Fiddle leaf fig'

Common names: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Banjo Fig

The Fiddle leaf fig, also known as the Banjo fig, is a lovely and popular houseplant that has the potential to grow into a tall and elegant statement tree. With the proper care, this beautiful plant will enrich your space with its banjo-shaped, distinctly veined large leaves and delicate trunk. These Fiddle leaves are young, and are an excellent choice if you want to nurture a plant into maturity.


Light: Partial/indirect

Water: 85% dry

Ease: intermediate

Pet Friendly: No

Care: The broad leaves collect dust very easily, and you can wipe them down with a wet cloth to keep them looking shiny and healthy.