Tradescantia 'Kitten ears'
Tradescantia 'Kitten ears'

Tradescantia 'Kitten ears'

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Tradescantia somaliensis 'Kitten ears'

Kitten ears get their affectionate name from the fuzzy hairs that line their lightly indented, ear shaped leaves. They add a sweet and fun textural element to your plant collection, and are low-maintenance and easy to care for! These Plants are great in hanging baskets, however you can also plant them in a shallower planter to encourage horizontal creeping across a surface.


Light: Partial/Indirect

Water: 50% dry

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: No

Care: If your Tradescantia is getting leggy (leaves closest to the root ball are falling off) you can trim back the edges of the stems to encourage a fuller appearance.

Learn more about Tradescantia Here.

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