Tradescantia 'White cloud'



Tradescantia 'White cloud'

Like other inch Plants, 'White cloud' likes to grow long and trailing stems, but is unique in its creamy white, yellow, and green variegation. When this plant is full and bushy, you might find that it looks like a fluffy cloud on a bright day. Tradescantia like humidity, so feel free to mist this plant regularly, or place it in a humid spot in your home like a kitchen or bathroom. Make sure the White cloud gets enough light to maintain variegation on its leaves, but avoid scorching the plant with exposure to direct sun. Enjoy your Tradescantia trailing down from a hanging basket or spreading across a long table.



Light: Medium

Water: Frequent

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: No

Care: If your Tradescantia is getting leggy (leaves closest to the root ball are falling off) you can trim back the edges of the stems to encourage a fuller appearance.

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