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Tosa Kujira Whale Knife

Tosa Kujira Whale Knife

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Material: C - Forged Carbon Steel

Forged in Tosa, Japan, a multi-purpose utility knife. Carbon steel core with iron cladding.

This knife has a hard carbon steel core with iron cladding for added durability. The entire blade will develop a patina with use, especially with acidic foods. Special attention is needed to keep from rusting. Do not leave wet. Hand wash & dry, no dishwasher. Hardwood-end grain or softwood long grain cutting boards are preferred; avoid bamboo and plastic cutting boards. Rust can be removed with a light abrasive. Rust can be removed with a light abrasive.

These knifes come from the maker with lacquer on the blade for corrosion protection during shipping. It can be removed using acetone or lacquer thinner (follow manufacturers instructions for use).


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