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Terrarium Petri

Terrarium Petri

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Playing off the idea of a specimen jar, Terrarium Petri is an enclosed terrarium glass that perfectly frames your succulent or air plant creations and gives them a professional polish. The lid simply pops on and off of this terrarium glass with ease, and is not air tight so you can confidently leave it on without worrying if your plant buddies are going suffocate. The compact size means they fit well on a bookshelf that needs a little life, the coffee table your cat keeps eating your plants on, or stick it on that window sill in the kitchen to remind yourself what a fantastic indoor gardener you are.

These cool terrariums also look incredible with a couple layers of stones topped with a thick cushion of live moss, and a couple of our Noch mini-figurine people hanging out on the grass doing what figurines do best – looking busy in cool terrariums.

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