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Terrarium Koski

Terrarium Koski

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So, the terrarium vase is taking over the world. On both sides of The Pond, people are going crazy for succulents and the stylish beauty of succulent gardens - old fishbowls, and old fishtanks are just some of the containers floating around of course! BUT, miniatures for terrariums are our personal fave. Anything miniature in fact. A terrarium vase does NOT have to be bulky. In fact, we think terrarium Koski is the perfect piece for all succulent creations!

The power of this tiny terrarium vase should not be underestimated. On their own, in clusters, or in threes of the same or differing colors, these diminutive dudes make a statement. Have fun with them, Whether in White, Black or Chocolate, the effect is always epic in scale but efficient on space!

They are perfect for planting your itty bitty succulents, plopping an air plant inside, or simply dropping in a chunk of live moss and spicing it up with one of our Noch Terrarium Figures!.

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