Succulent Cup
Succulent Cup

Succulent Cup

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These colorful and fun little succulent pots are perfect for planting baby succulents or as an air plant holder. These small vases for flowers are also the perfect size for our Small Frogs so you can use them to create a vertical arrangement. Buy just one of these succulent pots or buy a bunch of small vases for flowers and create a statement for a big event or that romantic dinner you’ve been planning. With 9 bright and fun colors to choose from you can tuck them in a nook, or buy a bunch to create a bright smattering of vases on your table.

Looking for the perfect hostess gift or party favor? These Succulent Cups look great on a table lined up for the taking with that perfect stem that creates a clean, but dramatic effect. Your guests will be raving for weeks when they take the Succulent Cups home!

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