Stagma Planter, 3.25
Stagma Planter, 3.25

Stagma Planter, 3.25"

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We've all been there, you get home from the garden center and you look at your new baby succulent or cactus in its plastic nursery pot and you think, “Ugh, I don't feel like repotting this today.” That's why a cachepot for easy drop in's is a brilliant planter to have laying around the house. Without having to worry about a drainage hole or saucer our design possibilities opened up wide. We went with resin for the material. Resin allowed us to play with texture and shape in a way we never had before. We kept the color palette simple with greys and whites so that the unique grooves and ridges of the patterns would be the standout focal point. You will love how the colors of your plants pop when in a Stagma planter.

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