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Terracotta Plants

Oxalis triangularis 'Shamrock - Green'

Oxalis triangularis 'Shamrock - Green'

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Oxalis triangularis 'Shamrock - Green'

Common names: Wood Sorrel, False Shamrock, Love Plant

Shamrocks are a relatively easy houseplant as long as you give them enough light and water. In the spring, they will reward you with blossoms in white, pink, or lavender. Be careful with watering and repotting as the roots are a bit sensitive. If your shamrock needs some extra care, it will let you know and will perk up once you've met its need!


Light: Bright Filtered

Water: Frequent

Care: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: No

Care: Oxalis go dormant in the summer, and you will notice their leaves die back. This is your cue to water less frequently, stop fertilizing, and maybe move to a shadier spot. When they move back into their growing season (shoots will start to appear) move your oxalis into a bright spot and resume frequent watering. Good care will reward you with beautiful little blossoms!

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