Self Care + Plant Care Workshop



Join us in 2022 for a workshop that will allow you to build on your self-care skills, and plant knowledge lead by Rebekah Drum.

Dr. Rebekah graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic in South Carolina in September 2020. There she found her passion in Network Spinal – a technique that focuses on the coordination of the spine and nervous system in creating overall better health and wellness. It has life-changing effects for patients of all ages. Dr. Rebekah has a true passion for helping those in her community become healthier. Outside of the practice, she loves to be outdoors hiking and camping with her two dogs. She also enjoys gardening, music, and doing fiber arts. When she gets the time she also likes to read the neuroscience behind chiropractic in her cozy nook surrounded by her animals and plants.

In this event you will recieve a $15 plant that will allow you to integrate the knowledge from this workshop into every day life, while adding a new friend to your collection!

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