Selaginella 'Green'



Selaginella 'Green'

Common names: Spike Moss, Irish Moss, Arborvitae Fern

Selaginella is a large family of plants with plenty of variety! Depending on their location and environment, they may creep and trail, or climb. They are known for their bushy clusters of soft, lush leaves, and their voracious thirst. If your selaginella starts to get leggy, you can pinch back new growth to encourage a fuller bush. The green variety is classic and beautiful in its vibrant, mossy growth. 


Light: Shade Tolerant

Water: Semi-Aquatic

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: Yes

Care: Selaginella are always thirsty! We minimize their care by leaving their pots in bowls of standing water, and they get to drink as much as they want. 

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