Sedum spurium fuldaglut 'Two-row stonecrop'



Sedum spurium fuldaglut 'Two-row stonecrop'

Common name: Stonecrop Flower

Sedum is a family of resilient and vigorous plants - an excellent option for a beginner plant caretaker! They are also one of the families of succulent that is non-toxic and safe to have around nibbling pets and children. Make sure that you let the soil dry out completely and ensure that they get lots of light, and you'll have a really easy plant on your hands! Stonecrop is a fun garden plant that will attract a variety of insects with it's sweet scent, and two-row stonecrop forms a beautiful green ground cover that blooms with ruby blossoms in late summer.


Light: Bright Filtered

Water: Drought Tolerant

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: Yes

Care: Stonecrop is extremely easy to propagate! A bit of leaf or stem will do the trick, and just let the end callous over before placing it in a gritty soil to root.  

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