Rose + Mugwort Body Oil
Rose + Mugwort Body Oil

Rose + Mugwort Body Oil

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The Rose + Mugwort body oil is perfect for opening the heart and relaxing the body, especially when you're feeling tense, anxious, or upset. Mugwort has long been used to promote dreams so this oil is a nice one to use on your temples or chest just before going to bed.

This was made with a process I've perfected over five years of experimentation. More of the plants' constituents have been extracted for an oil that's more potent.

In an effort to tighten the radius of where I source ingredients, I use organic, cold pressed sunflower oil grown in the midwest.

I love to massage my body with herbal oils just BEFORE I shower every day. I find that any extra oiliness is rinsed away and my body is left soft and moisturized.

The plants are either certified organic, ethically wildcrafted by me, or homegrown with love and without chemicals.

Made with sunflower oil, rose petals, mugwort.

Comes in a glass dropper bottle / 2 fl oz / 59 mL