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Terracotta Plants

Rhaphidophora 'Dragon Tail'

Rhaphidophora 'Dragon Tail'

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Rhaphidophora decursiva 

Common name: Creeping Philodendron

Rhaphidophora require very similar care to philodendrons, but they are their own genus full of incredible plants. Decursiva is known for deep green leaves with large lobes and a tendency to creep and climb into maturity. In the jungle, it would most love to climb a tree, but you could make it happy by training it up a trellis, bookshelf, or wall. It's an active plant and wants to grow and move, and luckily is also very low maintenance. 


Light: Shade Tolerant

Water: Frequent

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: No

Care: These plants are native to the jungle, so they want lots of humidity and a fair amount of temperature control - they are not cold tolerant. 

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