Mini monstera



Rhaphidophora tetrasperma 'Mini monstera'

Common names: Mini Monstera, Philodendron Ginny, Philodendron Piccolo

While this plant bears a striking resemblance to the larger-leafed Monstera deliciosa, it is entirely different and is not actually a philodendron. The 'Mini monsteras' are native to Thailand, and so love a humid environment. They are also voracious growers! If you give them a trellis or a wall to climb, they will eagerly get to work, potentially growing larger leaves as they climb. Take this plant home and enjoy its vivacity as it fills your space with lush green leaves. 


Light: Medium

Water: Occasional

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: No

Care: This plant grows quickly during its growing season! Check to see if roots are coming out of the drainage holes or creeping up to the topsoil. If they are, you know it's time to repot.


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