Hudson 5 Crystal



We are always looking to add interesting shapes into our clear glassware lines and we nailed it with Crystal, what some might call a spherical vase. We appreciate that it isn’t particularly spherical but we wouldn’t want it to roll around uncontrollably! So we decided that to give it a different edge, we’d give it some literal edges. Hey presto, the spherical vase with an edge (or lots of them). This is simplicity that is entertaining to look at, the dodecahedron shape lets you position the flower from any number of angles.

If you’re looking for some glass wedding vases for that special day then you need look no further. They are perfect for place settings to add some color (with the right flower) to your guest’s tables and with two different designs, medium and small, you can choose just how much color you want to give. These are edgy but yet classy glass wedding vases.

A Few of Our Favorites



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