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Hudson 2 Wall Cup, Glass Planter / Vase

Hudson 2 Wall Cup, Glass Planter / Vase

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With usable living space decreasing on a daily basis in this modern world, we are always being asked by customers for cool glass wall vases for flowers.

The Hudson 2 Wall Cup is our cutest and most versatile wall flower vase.

The Wall Cup has a flat back and a small, beveled-edge hole on the back so all you need to do is hang them up with a screw or a nail and they will sit flush against your wall.

You can use these glass wall vases for flowers, either a small bunch of cuttings from your garden, or a cute bouquet that you pick up on your way home from the grocery store. The Wall Cups can also be used for growing herbs, planting small succulents, or showcasing air plants.
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