Healing Hand Salve



Oils, herbs, and earth infused and blended into a smooth, unscented salve for dry hands with the healing powers of Comfrey Leaf, Calendula, and St. John Wort. 2 oz | Cruelty-Free, No Synthetic Additives or Preservatives TO USE: Warm a small amount of salve between fingers and massage into skin for moisture and relief. KEY INGREDIENTS Comfrey Leaf: Aids in healing wounds, preventing scars, and treating existing ones, along with decreasing dryness and flaking of skin. Calendula Flowers: Soothes pain from dry, chapped skin and deply hydrates. St. John's Wort: Full of powerful flavonoids, it helps protect and soothe the skin while making it look smoother and healthier. INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil*, Olive Oil*, Shea Butter*, Beeswax, Hemp Oil*, Almond Oil, Comfrey Leaf*, St. Johns Wort*, Calendula*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Non-GMO Vitamin E. *Organic

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