Fertile Valley – Soil Builder and Tea Brew
Fertile Valley – Soil Builder and Tea Brew

Fertile Valley – Soil Builder and Tea Brew

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Fertile Valley is a completely unique blend of amazing ingredients with a quality standard that is hard to find.  We scoured dozens of sources for the best compost, earthworm bedding, and fertilizers we could find.  The result was Fertile Valley, a highly bio-active blend with a texture that doesn't cake or clump, wash out of pots or beds easily, and will add life to soil immediately and more effectively than your standard packaged granular product.

When you add Fertile Valley to your soil or a tea you get a very diverse population of Mycorrhizae and Bacteria, as well as their food sources.  By having everything in the bag the organisms have a head start for your garden so when they arrive they are quickly processing nutrients and bringing good tilth to your garden.

Fertile Valley also includes a mild, all purpose nutrient charge made with readily digestible ingredients.

Derived From:  Aged Forest Humus, Earthworm Castings, Fish Meal, Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Fish Bone Meal, Bat Guano, Crab meal, Oyster Shell, Langbenite, Glacial Rock Dust.