Eucomis comosa 'Aloha lily'



Eucomis comosa 'Aloha lily'

Common names: Aloha Lily, Leia, Pineapple Lily Flower, King's Flower

This gorgeous plant has lots of good looks! When not in bloom, you'll recognize the aloha lily by long arcing green leaves and a dense white cluster that bursts from the center. Before blossoming, aloha lily buds look like bright gemstones topped by a tuft of green, like a miniature pineapple. A blooming pineapple lily (around midsummer) is vibrant in a variety of colors, and brings plenty of tropical energy to any space. If your aloha lily isn't blooming, it needs to be moved to a sunnier spot! 


Light: Bright

Water: Occasional

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: No

Care: Once your lily is done blooming, you can reduce watering. 

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