Carnivorous Sundew



Drosera rotundifolia 'Sundew'

Common names: Sundew, Fly Paper Plant

Carnivorous plants are a really fun addition to any space! Each variety attracts in a unique way, but overall carnivores are colorful and beautifully textured, creating an alluring image for flying insects to explore. Carnivorous plants naturally grow in bogs, so they are accustomed to having very wet feet and lots of humidity. We leave our carnivores in standing water, and this keeps them very happy with their water intake! Sundews are low-growing and fuzzy, moss-like plants that burst upwards with long leggy shoots.


Light: Medium

Water: Semi-aquatic

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: Yes

Care: Carnivorous plants do not require bugs to survive, but they will do a great job of getting rid of pesky fliers in your home! 

A Few of Our Favorites



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