Crucial Castings – Pure Premium Earthworm Castings



Worms are crucial. Period.  These little creatures work constantly to improve soil structure and cycle nutrients.  They do this by ingesting organic matter and excreting castings as waste.  These castings hold the key to healthy soil which is an active, diverse population of bacteria, fungus, protozoa, and nematodes.  The micro-organisms contained in worm castings provide your soil the ability to process the organic nutrients you add as well as preventing disease.  Also containing a mild N-P-K, worm castings are an essential component in a healthy organic gardening system.

Our Crucial Castings are produced from African Nightcrawlers to produce a large casting with an extremely high concentration of the micro-organisms needed.  Especially high in protozoa, Crucial Castings cycle nitrogen to green up your garden better than conventional fertilizers.

Crucial Castings are the highest worm castings available containing 100% castings with no filler!

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