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Terracotta Events

Community Potting Days - Fridays in September

Community Potting Days - Fridays in September

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Every Friday in September


***Weather Permitting***

Located outside the Terracotta storefront
2005 Pearl Street 
Boulder CO, 80302 

Every Friday in the month of September, Terracotta is hosting Community Potting Days! These days provide you with the opportunity to bring your plants to a specially arranged station located outside of our shop. For a nominal fee, we will repot your plants with utmost care and precision. We supply the correct potting medium, and extend our expertise to ensure a seamless experience. Additionally, our knowledgeable staff is readily available to offer valuable advice on the ongoing care of your newly repotted plant. Pottery is not included; please provide an appropriate sized pot for your repot. We can also help you pick the correct sized pot for purchase inside our store.

It's important to note that, in accordance with our Integrated Pest Management System, we are unable to accept outside plants inside of our shop, regardless of their place of purchase. This policy ensures the protection of our existing plants and prevents the introduction of potential pests. Nevertheless, our outdoor station setup guarantees that your plants receive the attention they deserve while adhering to our stringent pest management standards.

Potting Fees:

Repotting into a 1-4" Pot: $3.00
Repotting into a 5-6" Pot: $5.00
Repotting into a 7-8" Pot: $8.00
Repotting into a 9-10" Pot: $12.50
Repotting into an 11-15" Pot: $21.50

Nursery Pots (Availability is not guaranteed)
1-6": Free
8-14": $1.00

Ceramic Pottery available for purchase inside our shop!

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