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We have had such WILD success with our Porcelain Bird Vase over the last few years that it is high time we found a few more Spirit Animals to round out the Chive zoo. Todd’s Spirit Animal is the majestic Carp. We’ve designed this porcelain vase in eight different colors and with five holes around its head so you can plop in your favorite stems and really bring flora and fauna together. We suspect that when you search for flower vase ceramic, Carl the Carp (yep, we call him Carl) is not what you’d expect to find, which is what makes him so unique.

If you’re looking for a white ceramic bud vase you’ve come to the right place. Our SIX designs consist of Dusk, Grey, Lilac, Mint, Yellow and of course the original White ceramic bud vase (actually porcelain). It’s definitely odd that a search for flower vase ceramic would bring up a porcelain product but we like to keep you on your toes. As we mentioned we like to call him Carl, but choice of nickname is entirely yours.

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