Tradescantia minima 'Bolivian ivy'



Tradescantia minima 'Bolivian ivy'

Common names: Bolivian Ivy, Turtle Vine, Chain Plant, Inch Plant

The Bolivian tradescantia has smaller, more rounded leaves than its relatives, but shares their inclination to trail down or across long surfaces, making this a beautiful plant for a hanging basket. If hanging from above, you will see its resemblance to its family in the lovely purple underside of its leaves. Tradescantia like humidity, so place this plant in a humid spot in your home like a kitchen or bathroom, or make sure to mist the leaves regularly.


Light: Medium

Water: Occasional

Ease: Knowledgeable

Pet Friendly: No

Care: If your Tradescantia is getting leggy (leaves closest to the root ball are falling off) you can trim back the edges of the stems to encourage a fuller appearance.

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