Calathea 'Warscewiczii'



Calathea 'Warcewiczii'

Common names: Peacock Plant, Zebra Plant

Calatheas are loved for the unique color, pattern, and shape of their leaves. If you want to add a sense of wildness to your plant collection, you might want to take home a Calathea. 'Warcewiczii' have a velvety, matte look to their dark green leaves that shares a familiar contrasting purplish underside to its relatives. Related to the prayer plant, these Plants will fold inwards at night and lay flat during the day, so you have many opportunities to take in their beauty from all angles.


Light: Bright Filtered

Water: Occasional

Ease: Advanced

Pet Friendly: Yes

Care: Calatheas loves humidity! Mist the leaves twice a week, use a humidifier, or place it in a spot that gets ample humidity, like a kitchen or bathroom. If the tips of your Calathea start to brown, try watering them with filtered water.

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