Calathea 'Furry feather'
Calathea 'Furry feather'

Calathea 'Furry feather'

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Calathea rufibarba 'Furry feather'

Common names: Peacock Plant, Zebra Plant

Calatheas are loved for the unique color, pattern, and shape of their leaves. If you want to add a sense of wildness to your plant collection, you might want to take home a Calathea. While you might initially confuse this long-leafed Calathea with its relative the 'rattlesnake,' the 'furry feather' calathea shows its individuality with little hairs on its maroon underside that give it a furry or velvety quality.


Light: Medium

Water: Frequent

Ease: Advanced

Pet Friendly: Yes

Care: Calatheas loves humidity! Mist the leaves twice a week, use a humidifier, or place it in a spot that gets ample humidity, like a kitchen or bathroom. If the tips of your Calathea start to brown, try watering them with filtered water.