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Terracotta Plants

Begonia 'Angelwing'

Begonia 'Angelwing'

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Begonia maculata 'Angelwing'

Common names: Polka Dot Begonia, Angelwing Begonia

From a thick, cane-like stem, large glossy leaves cascade in a deep green that perfectly compliments their maroon-coloured underside. While hanging clusters of elegant blossoms ranging from soft pink to bright red bloom in the spring, it's the Angel Wing's dotted “wings” that often take the spotlight. Whether blooming or not, this plant is gorgeous year round so place it somewhere it can be seen from all its angelic angles.

Light: Bright Filtered

Water: Frequent

Ease: Knowledgeable

Pet friendly: No

Care: If planning on repotting your Begonia, remember that they like their roots to be slightly bound so be sure to size-up the pot gradually. These Plants also propagate very easily, so grab a few stem cuttings and spread the love.

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