Anthurium superbum 'Bird's nest'



Anthurium superbum 'Bird's nest'

Common names: Tailflower, Ironclad

The elegant Anthurium, a plant that requires a bit of extra attention and care, will reward its caretakers with waxy heart-shaped 'flowers' that are actually colorful leaves. The more light your Anthurium receives, the more vibrant these leaves will be. If new growth is coming in green, try moving your plant to a brighter spot. The superbum variety grows in a dense rosette from the root, and spirals up in tall oblong leaves, adding a beautiful architectural design to your space.


Light: Bright Filtered

Water: Frequent

Ease: Advanced

Pet friendly: No

Care: Anthuriums are native to Central and South America, and love humidity! Feel free to mist your plant regularly. Prune the Anthurium regularly to redirect the plant's attention from dead leaves towards new growth.

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