Alworthia pentagona 'Black gem aloe'




Alworthia pentagona 'Black gem aloe'


Aloe are a family of succulents, the most popular of which being aloe vera or true aloe, which have become very popular houseplants. This attraction to Aloe is nothing new, however, as it has been known as medicinal and beautifying for centuries. Aloe are best suited for dry, hot climates and do well with similar care as other succulents. Black gem is a fun variety to care for as its leaves deepen from green to reddish-purple with increased sun exposure. These ones tend to stay a little smaller than other aloe plants, so they are a great option for displaying in containers.


Light: Bright Filtered

Water: Drought Tolerant

Ease: Easy Breezy

Pet Friendly: No


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