Plant Design Consultation


Office plants are always working behind the scenes.

We guarantee you’ll notice an improvement in not only air quality, but also the quality of life after we add a touch of plant magic to your indoor spaces.

Boost workplace productivity, create a space to relax and unwind!

How it Works

Initial Consultation

Please walk us through your space so we can help you create a custom plant design. We will give you verbal suggestions as we explore your taste and needs.

In Store

-Free with purchase

At Location

-$195 one-time fee


Our experts will recommend plant styling options that are your unique to your lifestyle, home and aesthetics.

We provide comprehensive design packages—from the plant to the pot, all the way down to accessories.

$65/hour design charge after the first two hours, which is included for free.

$1,500 total project minimum with a $1,500 deposit.

Delivery & Installation

We've got you covered with the heavy lifting! Our team will beautifully stage your area, leaving you with a new & improved look.

$ 65/hour installation charge.


We offer recurring maintenance service tending to your plants. We also provide free replacements if any plant exhibits a decline in health.

$65/hour plant care service.

$195 minimum/month


on indoor plant design

Where is your shop located?

We are located at 2005 Pearl Street,Boulder, Colorado.

My office is located outside of Boulder, CO. Can you service us?

We are currently servicing Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, Erie, Lafayette, and Broomfield.

How much does this cost?

Our installation minimum is $1,500. The consultation is $195, installation is $65 an hour, and the cost of the plants and pottery you choose. Additionally you can choose to add on monthly plant care, which is priced site specific.

I already have plants and don't want to purchase any new ones. Can you provide plant care for my existing plants?

Yes, we can also accommodate plant care maintenance. Please email us at to know ourrates, which will be based on the numberof plants and square footage.

I already have plants and don't want to purchase any new ones. Can you provide plant care for my existing plants?

Can you do an on-site visit for the Indoor Plant Design Consultation?

Yes, our team can come to your space and discuss factors (lifestyle, budget, and desired aesthetics) for a one-time fee of $195. We will chose plants and pottery with an eye for optimal plant health as well as design. And we will leave you with all the information you need to continue optimally caring for your new plants.

Do you do vertical live wall installations?

Yes! We use a carbon neutral lightweight cork based system, designed for the best quality and eco-friendly living wall installations. Prices start at $3,485 for a two-panel wall (inclusive of custom design, build, and installation). We also have 4, 6, and 8 panel installations available.