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Fostering a passion for environmental sustainability through house plants.

Who We Are

As a family-run business, founded by partners Adria and Eben, Terracotta Plant Shop is deeply rooted in a passion for plants, people, and connecting us all with the changing environment.

Inspired by Eben's mother, who transformed their house into an awe-inspiring garden, as well as the way in which nature breathes life into our planet, we believe that cultivating houseplants is a way for everyone to beautify our spaces, while tapping into a greater awareness of our changing climate and the importance of a sustainable lifestyle.

As a full-service indoor plant boutique specializing in exotic tropical plant life, organic plant food and soil, terracotta & handmade pottery, and botanically inspired goods, we’re focused on bringing a little green into peoples’ lives in order to foster a more sustainable earth for today, tomorrow, and long into the future. Add a little nature back into your life and embrace positive wellness for both you and the planet in everything you do.

For those also looking to make a difference, we want you to know that 5% of all our profits are donated to Cool Earth, a charity working alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change.



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